About Us

Gingerbread Learning Center has been caring for and educating the children of the High Desert since 1999. 


Through the program at Gingerbread Learning Center we will: 


  • Provide daily activities for language development

  • Strive to enhance each child’s mental, emotional, social and physical growth through a stimulating, enriched environment

  • Surround all children with a print-rich environment that will help develop their awareness of the printed word and promote the interest to read

  • Challenge children to progress through the stages of phonemic awareness, phonics, pre-reading and reading skills

  • Give each child the opportunity to share their responses in diverse ways and give them creative means in which to express  themselves


We will maintain a music and visual art program that will:

  • Nurture a child’s artistic abilities

  • Build self- confidence and self –esteem

  • Provide a natural medium for enhancing the learning of language, mathematics and social skills

  • We are dedicated to developing life-long learners